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Do you have a clogged sewer pipe?

Clogs can occur for other reasons as well. Sewage blockage, grease build-up, and foreign objects can block these lines, making it hard for water to flow through them. Age deterioration plays a role in the breakage of these lines, leaving you with floods, back-ups, and plumbing problems.

Are your trees blocking your home's sewer lines?

It's common for tree roots to grow into sewer lines and drains. When this happens, often due to pressure on clay, concrete, or PVC pipes, it can lead to a blockage. If roots have grown into the sewer line, it is often possible to see them using a video sewer inspection. If present, our licensed technicians can remove the blockage and repair the line.

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• Full inspection of the drains

• Video inspections

• Extraction of clogs

• Line flushing to clean the pipe walls

• Main line removal and replacement

• Auger removal of tree roots

• Customized solutions


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